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Breakfast Menu

The Langham Continental Breakfast Buffet £32

Langham London Full Breakfast £40


Cereals and Dairy

Cereals £6 V
per scoop with fresh whole milk
Cornflakes (170kcal) | Rice Krispies (182 kcal) | Coco Pops (182 kcal)
Weetabix (162 kcal) | Special K (180 kcal) | Gluten free muesli (183 kcal)


Raspberry granola (254kcal) £10 V
Greek yoghurt | crisp rice


Fresh Farmhouse Yoghurts £6 VE
plain or fruit compote


Chia seed parfait (255kcal) £9 V
with red berry compote


Overnight Oats £10 (364 kcal) V
coconut | agave | cranberries | cocoa nibs


Classic Rolled Oat Porridge £10 VE
whole milk (226 kcal) | water (104 cal)


Raspberry Granola £10 V
Greek yoghurt | crisp rice (254 kcal)



Sourdough Bagels

Peppered Pastrami (449 kcal) £16

mustard | sweet dill pickle


Smoked Scottish salmon (397 kcal) £18

chive cream cheese | pickled red onion


Hass avocado (510 kcal) £14 VE

roast cherry tomato | plant based bacon




all served with maple syrup and fresh berries

American pancakes (638 cal) £19 V

Plant-based vegan crepes (240 kcal) £19 VE

Brioche French toast (570 kcal) £19 V

Malted buttermilk waffle (533 kcal) £19 V



A La Carte

Crushed Hass avocado, roast vine tomatoes (310 kcal) £18 V
on seeded sourdough toast
add: poached free-range eggs (238 kcal) £2 V | streaky bacon (101 kcal) £4


Congee rice porridge (286 kcal) £18 V
Preserved vegetable, peanut, mini yutiao, salty egg, spring onion, crispy chili oil


Shakshouka (257 kcal) £18 V

spiced scramble free – range eggs, cumin, tomato, parsley


Scottish “Royal Warrant” Smoked Salmon (559 kcal) £23

scrambled free-range eggs or egg whites, avruga caviar, chive butter sauce


‘Creamed’ wild mushrooms (223 kcal) £18 V
spinach and chives on Marmite sourdough toast


The Langham Full English (833 kcal) £28

2 Cornish eggs, any style, Spitalfields Cumberland sausage, black pudding, double bacon, roast vine tomato, field mushroom




Two free-range eggs served any style £12 V
your choice of poached (238 kcal), boiled (143 kcal), fried (331 kcal), scrambled (284 kcal)


Three eggs (373 kcal) or Egg white omelette (220 kcal) £19 V
your choice of button mushrooms, cheese, peppers, tomato, onion, ham or fine herbs


Eggs Benedict (701 kcal) £22
toasted muffin | peppered roast ham | poached eggs | hollandaise sauce


Eggs Royale (701 kcal) £23

toasted English muffin with hollandaise sauce



Breakfast sides £5.5

streaky bacon (170 kcal)

roast plum tomatoes (44 kcal) VE

field mushrooms (64 kcal) V

halloumi, honey, thyme (414kcal) V

Hass avocado (315kcal) VE

traditional Scottish smoked salmon (92kcal)

Cumberland pork sausages (267kcal)

chicken sausage (260kcal)

plant-based bacon (159kcal) VE

plant-based sausages (191kcal) VE




Juices £6.75

Cold Pressed

cloudy apple | orange | pink grapefruit | beetroot | cranberry | carrot

Green Juice

apple | cucumber | kale | pineapple | lime | mint | vitamin C


Coffee £6.75
Cappuccino | Caffè Latte | Americano |
Flat white | Espresso | Double espresso | Hot chocolate


Loose Leaf Tea £6.75
English Breakfast | Earl Grey | Jade Sword |
Peppermint | Chamomile



Kids Menu

Cereals £6 V

per scoop with fresh whole milk
Cornflakes (170kcal) | Rice Krispies (182 kcal) | Coco Pops (182 kcal)
Weetabix (162 kcal) | Special K (180 kcal) | Gluten free muesli (183 kcal)


Fresh farmhouse yoghurts £6 V

plain or with fruit compote


Overnight oats £10 VE

coconut, agave, blueberries, coca nibs (364 kcal)


Classic rolled oat porridge £10 V

with whole milk or water


Malted mini waffle £12 V

sliced banana, Nutella (490 kcal)


Raspberry granola £10 V

Greek yoghurt, crisp rice (254 kcal)


Mini pancake £10 V

mixed berries, maple syrup (319 kcal)



V – Vegetarian, VE – Vegan


All prices are inclusive VAT. A discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill.
All wines by the glass are available in 125ml measure upon request and all spirits are available
in 25ml measure upon request. Vintages are subject to change and may vary throughout the year.
All beverages are subject to availability. If you are allergic to any food product, please advise a
member of the service team. As allergens are present in our kitchen and some
of our ingredients have ‘may contain’ warnings, we cannot guarantee menu items will be
completely free from a particular allergen.