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of Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea is a great Victorian invention; served first in the homes of the aristocracy. When The Langham opened in 1865 it included Afternoon Tea on the menu. As the hotel was the last word in style and modernity, it soon caught on and our Afternoon Tea has been famous ever since.

A Favourite of Favourites

The Langham continued throughout the 20th century to be a favoured spot with members of the royal family, such as Diana, Princess of Wales and many high-profile politicians including Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle.

Home of Historic Guests

In 1867 a former Union officer named James Sanderson was appointed general manager and the hotel developed an extensive American clientele, which included Mark Twain and the miserly multi-millionairess, Hetty Green.

Neighborhood of British Icons

The Langham Hotel keeps good company. Placed opposite the British Broadcasting Corporation.
The BBC’s wartime staff used to broadcast from the roof of the Langham, in particular the US correspondent Edward Murrow. JB Priestley was also a guest in this period to be close to Broadcasting House for his frequent late-night transmissions of Britain Speaks to North America.